Understanding Ramp Operations


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Understanding Ramp Operations

Ramp is a place where aircraft is parked. Lots of activities take place around the aircraft, right from its arrival till it departs as the next flight. What are these activities and who takes care of these activities will be answered in this course. This course is ideal for those who aspire to become Ramp Operators in Airlines. Register for more information and take a tour of free sample chapter of the course.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Introduction 0
2 Airport Layout, Ramp Area & Ramp Markings 8
3 Overview of Airside Operation 10
4 Infrastructure at Ramp 6
5 In-flight Catering 4
6 Baggage / Cargo Handling 7
7 Cleaning of Aircraft Cabin 5
8 Waste Management 9
9 Fuelling 20
10 Airside Safety & Security 5
11 Airside Fire Safety Requirements 8
12 Co-ordination with different agencies 4
13 Career as a Ramp Agent 0

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Ameya Murudkar

Successfully solved all the Quiz with 100% result. ...

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Eli Honner

Thoroughly enjoyed and thought this was well planned and worked out. The more topics I went through the more I wanted to keep learning. Very useful and resourceful information....

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Racheal Providence

Great course and clear to follow..... must again say the tech support is very good as well....

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Jumaa hadi Alaqrabi

Ipreciat trade wings for the excellent support...

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Naif Alamoudi

Excellent ...