Understanding Aviation & Travel Terminology


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Understanding Aviation & Travel Terminology

This course gives insight of the language used by the Aviation Industry people. It can provide various IATA, ICAO codes for Airports, Cities, Countries, Aircrafts, Airlines and it also gives a brief dictionary of words used in Aviation. This course also covers Travel Terminology which uses lot of typical words and phrases during operations. The course is useful to those who intend to get into Reservation & Ticketing area of the Airlines. Register for more information and take a tour of free sample chapter of the course.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Introduction 0
2 Need for different terms & definition 6
3 Common Terms & Definitions 7
4 City codes/ Airport codes 7
5 Country Codes 5
6 Airline codes 7
7 Aircraft codes 7
8 Aircraft registration codes 7
9 Phonetics 8
10 Currency codes 6
11 Miscellaneous codes 5