Travel Related Services Courses


Car Rental Operations

Course Price: $150.00

Understand how Car Rental Organization work, know different schemes under which cars are offered on rent, understand the procedures, know the phraseology for Chauffeur. Understand total operations and many minute aspects of car rentals. ...

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Basic Course on Leisure on Water

Course Price: $100.00

Water based Leisure Tourism has become very popular. There are innumerable options such as Ferries, River Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Canal Boats, House Boats etc. Each type of leisure has lot many activities for tourists. If you are selling water based Leisure Tourism, this is an ideal course to provide you insight and would help you sell the Tour pac...

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Basic Course on Money Changing

Course Price: $100.00

Money-changing has been one of the important components in any Travel Plan. Money-changer is a one of the Travel Service provider and requires special knowledge and skill as he / she operates in a very dynamic market situation. Money-changing has evolved as one of the important career option and this course would provide knowledge platform for aspi...

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