Understanding Civil Aircrafts


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Understanding Civil Aircrafts

Aircrafts are dream machines for most people and everyone dreams of travelling in one of them. These aircrafts used by the airlines, come in many shapes, sizes and types and airlines maintain their fleet with many combinations of them. This course will provide everything you need to know about them such as their types, capacities, range and the facilities provided therein for the comfort of passengers. This course aims to fulfill the quest of those who wish to work in aircrafts as cabin crew or would like to travel in them.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Introduction to Civil Aircrafts 12
2 Parts of Aircraft & Cabin Layout 10
3 Cabin Configuration & Features 12
4 Aircraft Galleys & Meal Carts 10
5 Aircraft Lavatory 7
6 Aircraft Engines & Fuel 10
7 Narrow Body Aircrafts 10
8 Wide Body Aircrafts 10
9 Regional & Commuter Aircrafts 4
10 Aircraft Selection & Fleet Planning 8
11 Aircraft Cabin Cleaning 6
12 Emergency & Fire Fighting Equipments 10

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Eli Honner

Thoroughly enjoyed and thought this was well planned and worked out. The more topics I went through the more I wanted to keep learning. Very useful and resourceful information....

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Racheal Providence

Great comprehensive course and the support team is very efficient .... will recommend to others...