Advance Course in Airport Operations


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Advance Course in Airport Operations

Airport Operations is one of the complex activities and demands knowledge, expertise, managerial skills to effectively execute it. It consists of many subsystems each of which is equally complex and need to take into account many factors. Therefore it is very important to understand and learn the process systematically. This course essentially is developed to cater to those aspirants who would like to make a career in Airport Operations. It will provide knowledge of most processes and present them in various visuals and even videos. There is a text reading facility for the course for those who would like to relax and listen to the text content.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Introduction to Airport Operations 6
2 Airport as an Operational System 5
3 Landside Operations 12
4 Apron Management 9
5 Turn around Process 12
6 Terminal Operations 9
7 Passenger Processing 10
8 Airport Maintenance 6
9 Airport Support Services 8
10 Airport Concessions 6
11 Collaborative Decision Making 4
12 Airport Business Model 8
13 Commercialization & Privatization 5
14 Aerodrome Master Planning 6
15 Managing the Environment 6
16 Safety in Aerodrome Operations 5
17 Airport Emergency Plan 8
18 Airport Security 8
19 Reference Videos 0

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Ameya Murudkar

Successfully Completed the course with all correct answers. 100% result....

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Padmini Nallur Vijaya Kumar

Very good content to understand the Airport operations. Got great support from the team to resolve issues during the course. ...

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Naga Sridevi Uppala

Good content and support. ...

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Eli Honner

Thoroughly enjoyed and thought this was well planned and worked out. The more topics I went through the more I wanted to keep learning. Very useful and resourceful information....

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Racheal Providence

Detailed. Lots of info. Suggest students take and make notes, info can be referred to....

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Jumaa hadi Alaqrabi

Ipreciat trade wings for the excellent support...

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Mahmood Fadhel

a lot of useful information , good course ...

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Naif Alamoudi

Excellent ...