Understanding Airport


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Understanding Airport

Airports are hub of most aviation activities where almost all of groups related to flying interact to provide safe Air Transportation of passengers and freight. Airports have become complex businesses and touch almost all the communities in some way. As a passenger when one travels through any airport, one tends to ask so many questions after seeing range of activities in different parts of airports. This course is aimed at providing most of the answers to these questions. This course provides a thorough overview of Airport as a unit, its functions and services, different types, safety & security etc. The course would be useful to those who aspire to work in Aviation Industry and also for those who are in Travel & Tourism Industry.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Introduction to Airport 12
2 Evolution of Airport 5
3 Types of Airports 5
4 Landside Infrastructure 12
5 Airport Terminal 12
6 Airport Apron Area 10
7 Runways & Taxiways 9
8 Airport Markings & Signs 10
9 Air Traffic Control (ATC) Services 8
10 Meteorological Services 5
11 Airport Certification 8
12 Airport Security 8
13 Fire Fighting & Rescue Services 5
14 Airport Ownership 5
15 Environmental Concerns 5
16 Future of Airports 5
17 Careers at Airport 0
18 Reference Videos 0

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