Basic Course on Technology in Hospitality Industry


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Duration : 3 Month

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Basic Course on Technology in Hospitality Industry

Hotels are the real users of newer technologies and automation, be it use of computers, wireless devices, energy saving devices, remote controls, alternate energies etc. You will find applications of all the automation activities in hotels. Automation makes life easier for management staff and provides information at their tips to take decisions. This course covers all these areas of automation which are applied and used in Hotels. The course is ideal for those aspirants who would like to make hospitality as their career.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Need for Technology Adoption 5
2 Guest Room Automation 7
3 Automation in Restaurant 7
4 Automation in Housekeeping 5
5 Telephone Systems 12
6 Television Cable System 5
7 Internet System 5
8 Hotel Kiosks 8
9 Locks & Key Cards 6
10 Fire Fighting Equipments 4
11 Energy Conservation 4
12 Non Conventional Energy 5
13 Security Systems 5
14 Emergency Power Supply 5