Aircraft Weight and Balance


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Aircraft Weight and Balance

Pilots deal with aircraft loading situations on every flying day of your working life. This course considers the inter-relationship between aircraft loading and other related subjects such as aircraft performance and flight planning and the very important airmanship aspects of proper aircraft loading. In general terms, the ways in which the centre of gravity of both un-laden and laden aircraft can be determined and checked as being within safe limits will be discussed.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Need for Weight Monitoring & Balancing 4
2 Basic Theory of Flight 0
3 Weight & Balance Terminology 0
4 Maintaining Aircraft Weight Record 0
5 Components of Aircraft Weight 0
6 Various Fuel Weights 0
7 Measuring Systems and Conversions 0
8 Calculation of Centre of Gravity 0
9 Aircraft Load & Trim 0
10 Aircraft Weighing & Equipments 0
11 Weight & Balance in Extreme Conditions 0
12 Training Requirements 0