Understanding Airline Loyalty Program


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Understanding Airline Loyalty Program

Airline Loyalty Program which started as a mere CRM Tool to novel marketing concept in the 20th century, has has drifted away to become an independent profit centre and an independent business enterprise itself. With combined turnover of all the airline loyalty programs nearing USD 100 billion, loyalty programs have become a standard feature for any airline, today. This program provides insight of Airline Loyalty Program, its concepts, accruals, redemptions and trading of miles / points. It also provides the information of tier structure of loyalty, its automation, economics and evaluation. The course is ideal for any member of any loyalty program or those who work in the industry, closely with loyalty management.

Course Lessons

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1 Introduction to Loyalty Program 0
2 History & Evolution 0
3 Loyalty Program Partners 0
4 Enrolling the Members 0
5 Mileage Accrual 0
6 Tiers Structure – Ladder of the Loyalty 0
7 Co-branded Credit Cards 0
8 Loyalty Rewards 0
9 Redemption 0
10 Managing the Loyalty Miles 0
11 Loyalty Marketing & Branding 0
12 Automation of Loyalty Programs 0
13 Choosing a Loyalty Program 0
14 Economics of Loyalty Program 0
15 Evaluation of Loyalty Program 0