Basic Course in Sea Freight Forwarding


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Duration : 3 Month

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Basic Course in Sea Freight Forwarding

Sea Freight forwarding requires specialized knowledge not only in shipping industry but also in Customs, International Trade, Dangerous goods and other industries such as Air Cargo, Surface Logistics. Sea Cargo also offers ample of employment opportunities world over. This course is aimed at those who aspire to work in Sea Freight Industry by acquiring all the necessary knowledge. The course is also beneficial for freight forwarders, new exporters and importers and will introduce students to the terminology and basic processes including quotations, freight calculations, preparation of documentation, cargo booking, processing and post shipment controls.

Course Lessons

Sr. No. Lesson Title Total Quiz
1 Sea Freight Forwarder 7
2 Freight Forwarding Terminology 12
3 Sea Freight Clearing & Forwarding 8
4 Bill of Lading 10
5 International Regulations 8
6 Inco-terms 5
7 Freight Rates 9
8 Documentation 8
9 Shipping Containers & Leasing 8
10 Packaging 8
11 Marking, Labeling & Placarding 8
12 Marine Insurance 8
13 Customs Clearance 5

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